mandag 10. februar 2020

Crochet flowers

Hi 😀
This weekend I finished my hubby's felted slippers and he was very happy about them and started to wear them right away.

I think the trucks did turn out pretty well. Though I liked the first one better.

Since it's Monday I had to do some mending as well.  Evelyn hoste Mondaymending over at Instagram. And every Monday you take something from your mending pile and fix it. That way you will always get some mending done. And you can show your work using her #mondaymending
Brilliant right 👍
I don't have much left in my mending pile at the moment. But I found a t-shirt that needed some tlc

Since I was a bit lazy I just reached into my knitting basket and found some cotton yarn and crochet some flowers to sew over the hol and the lousy seam. Earlier I have done the same on the other side of the shirt.
It's actually much cooler now than originally.
I have got a lot of questions if I can show how to make the flowers.
They are actually very simple to make.
You need a little bit of yarn. I used 2 colours but you don't have to. And a crochet hook.

You start by chaining 4 stitches  slip stitch to a circle, or make a magic circle if you prefer.
Crochet 16 single crochet in the circle. Slip stitch into first single crochet.

Make 2 chain stitches in the first single crochet. 2 double crochet in the next stitch. 2 chain stitch and single crochet in the next. Repeat 7 times singel crochet into the same stitch you started.

If you need a bigger flower 🌸 use a thicker yarn or make more petals by adding single crochet stitches in the 2.row each petal needs 2 single crochet stitches.

You can make various kinds of flowers using treble crochet or double treble crochet stitch. Or make clusters or popcorn stitch instead.
I have made a variation with 3 double treble crochet clusters and 7 chain stitches.
And one using double crochet cluster.

Have fun crocheting flowers 🌸🌹🌸
Katrine 🌼

4 kommentarer:

  1. Those slippers are so cool😍 A great idea to crochet flowers for your t-shirt. Very creative👍❣️

    1. Thank you so much Lone ❤️
      Have a lovely and creative evening 🌃 🌟 💚

  2. Så fine tøfler, skjønner godt at han er fornøyd!
    Kjempelur måte å fikse klær på, blir jo mye finere en før!

    1. Tusen takk Berit 💖 det er mye artig man kan finne på om man får hull eller flekker på klær. Jeg søler masse så jeg har god erfaring 😆😆
      Ha en fin søndag 💚