onsdag 30. september 2020

How to patch a hole




 Patching a hole in your favourite jeans  isn't very difficult .

You don't need a lot of fancy stuff either 

All you need  is  a needle , some sewing thread a pair of sissors  and a patch of fabric .

If you have some  old clothes you can cut them up  and use them for patches.


Here I have used a bit of a leg from a donated pair of jeans .  I decided to use crochet thread  for my stitching this time, but regular sewing thread or embrodery thread works fine . Use what you have ,

Make sure your patch is covering the hole and a little bit around, my hubbys jeans was well worn and  had a bit of  worn areas around the hole so I made the patch quite big .



I used pins to hold it in place , and folded in  edges to keep it from fraying. A lot of people think it's cool with a little frayed edges, but mr Trollkjerringa don't .

I sewd the patch with backstitch you find a tutorial here

 To fasten  your thread sew a few stitches in the same place  

 Stitch around the patch  through bout layers

It's always nice to have a assistant, but not nessesary 

Then you have stitched all the way around , remember to fasten off by stitching a few stitches in the same place . Now you have managed to patch your jeans.

If you want to you can  keep going and making the patch a bit more.decorative.

I chose to make a little sashiko inspierd  decorations on this jeans.

this ar just runningstitch 

it's possible to skip the entire first step and  sew  running stitch  throug bout layers 



Up and down using runningstitch

Then the other way 

Now you will have super cool jeans  and saved a pair form the landfill 

søndag 20. september 2020

How to darn your socks.

 I have learned that knowing how to darn a pair of socks actually isn't common knowledge.

It was passed on to me by my grandmothers 

I don't think they learn it at school anymore. Here in Norway it's red listed as a skill that is in danger of disappearing 

In hop that some of you might want to learn this skill I have made a little tutorial. 

Here is what you need. 

A blend yarn with nylon or darning thread. 

Why you want to use a blend yarn is because pure wool is not so strong and will tear faster than a blended yarn. Socks 🧦 get a lot of wear especially on the heels and toes. 

If you don't have a blended yarn you can use a sewing thread 🧵 together with your wool yarn. This is also a good tip when you are knitting socks to put in a sewing thread together with your sockyarn when knitting the heel. 

You also will need a needle if you have home knitted socks use a darning needle. I didn't and used a longer and smaller needle. 

It's helpful with a darning mushroom 🍄 but you don't need one. There are a lot of other things you can use instead 

I like the orange as you can eat it when you are done 👍 🔝 

You start with creating a base with running stitches. If you don't know running stitch it's just up and down 

Here I have come all the way to the hole. 

There you need to just make the stitch all the way over the hole to the other side and stitch on the other side of the hole. 

Now I have covered the whole thing and the base is ready. If you like you can continue with the same colour thread. I used to diffent as it will be easier for you to see. 

Now it's time to work the other way. Still the same stitching up and down. When you get to the long threads covering the whole, you must weave up and down on thead over the needle on under all the way. Make sure you do opposite one your way back, under the thread you weaved over last row and over the thread you went under 

And you keep going until you have covered the entire hole and the rest of the stitches 

Congratulations you have managed to darn your socks 🧦 

Want to learn more about darning? 

You can listen to the Podcast from Seworganisedstyle

There I'm talking about darning and mending with Maria  

Want more mending inspiration follow our mending community Mendingmayhem

søndag 23. august 2020

Speed weave / darning loom

 A while back I bought a little speed weave  Here

But I have been to busy to play with it until now. It's a very cool 😎 gadget don't you think 😁  If you never heard of a speed weave, it's a tiny loom for darning.

I had a really good time trying it out. 

This was my first attempt of darning with it 

Not to bad for a first attempt. 

My second attempt turned out a little better 

I don't think it was very fast, and I would have done it much faster using a darning mushroom 🍄 

The end result however was much better and it is a fun way to darn socks 🧦 

I'm of course joining Evelyn  for some Mondaymending over at Instagram.

If you haven't listened to the interview with me and  Suzie over at Sew organized style hurry up and listen as there will be a new episode on Friday 😁

I am also making a slow progress on my mother's sweater. It is a lot of work, but it will be worth it in the end 🔚 

I have enjoyed late summer and spent much time outside. Today it is more autumn weather and rain ☔ 

Wishing you a wonderful new week ahead 

Katrine 🌼 

fredag 21. august 2020

Sew Organised Style podcast

 I have had a long summer break from my blog.

Hope you all have had a lovely summer.

I have not had a break from mending and this sweater is what I have been working on lately 

This woolen sweater was was full of pills and had a few holes and stains. I actually said it was beyond saving... 🙊🙉🙈 Magic words... I obviously had to give it a try 😉

First I gave it a good shaving 

It's very worn and I did make a few extra holes while shaving it, not to mention the job was much bigger than I expected 😝😝😝

It made quite a difference though 😁😁😁

It's still a wip as I am planning to hide all the darns with flowers and beads

And now I'm sitting outside enjoying the last bits of summer and mending 

Today Suzie and I am Guesting over at  Sew Organised Style podcast

Talking  about our mending community Mendingmayhem and mending

We had great fun making this podcast and hope you enjoy listening 

Thanks to Maria and Sew Organised Style for inviting us 

lørdag 16. mai 2020

A little bit of this and that

Believe it or not I took this picture this morning. 
I can't remember having this much snow in May ever. 
Yesterday I was a bit feed up with all the snow and wanted to cheer myself up with buying some craft supplies. But then I remembered I have restricted my self from buying new stuff until I have used more of my stash. 
So I went to the second hand store instead. 
I found a lovely floral jacket. But it was not my size. Some how it seems to have found it's way into my bag anyway. 
It just needed a little alternation to fit. 
Unpicking the seams in the side and most of the waist  band and cuffs. 
Adding a side panel from a xxl t-shirt i bought earlier to use for some thing else. 
While I was in a good flow I did the same to another jacket. 
I'm notorious buying clothes that I plan on alter just because I love the fabric. 

When I finished the socks 🧦 I was knitting for my son I realised I was out of knitting and crochet projects. I'm not sure how that is possible. 🙊I always have several projects going on. 

Luckily my hubby reminded me I had promised to make him another pair of felted slippers 👌
I need to find some inspiration so I don't run out of projects. 
I have not done so much mending lately but I did mend some trainers. They was very worn and had spots that I wasn't able to get off. 
I used some cotton thread and wove it in the mesh fabric. 
I think they turned out pretty well 

This is what the shoes looked like before 

I also machine darned a few socks 🧦 
Some with previous darns. I really do prefer to darn by hand 🖐️ 

Snow on apple flowers does look nice 

More snow pictures 

Not really looks like spring 

We are hoping for better weather soon 🔜 
In the mean time I will be busy crafting. 
Thanks for stopping by 🌷
Stay safe and well ❤️ 
Wishing you a lovely weekend 💐
Katrine 🌼 

søndag 19. april 2020

Tree of hope

It finally got better weather and it was possible to finish the hearts in the apple tree.
I thought this was a excellent idea for our 2020 hearts for hope ❤️ over at Instagram

It's an initiative to make, create, spot, and search for 2020 hearts - to symbolise hope in 2020.
They can be sewn, painted, knitted, drawn in the sand, crocheted, chalked on the pavement, found in the shape of a stone or a leaf - a shadow, a cloud!
When you start looking for hope you find it everywhere, and you can make your own too!
So please will you join us in spreading hope during this crazy time?
Share your hearts by tagging #2020heartsforhope

My tree has already been damaged by deers so it's already funny 😉🙈
So I got the crazy 🤪 idea to make hearts 💕 out of the branches.

And now the tree is covered in hearts and makes heart shadows
I decided to put my big hearts with light in the same tree and a crochet heart with a free pattern from Kate.
The heart blew away during a storm, but I found it at the other side of the garden.

My hubby's shirt had some new holes for me to mend 🙈

And I did finish the pair of socks I was knitting for myself
It's actually the second pair I have ever made for myself 🙈 all the other pairs I have made is for someone else.

Wishing you a lovely new week 🌻 ❣️
Katrine 🌼 🍃 ☀️ 🙋🏻‍♀️